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Board of Directors

2020 Board of Directors                          

                       President- Chris Woelich- [email protected] 

                      Vice-President- Ricky Johnston- [email protected] 
                      Treasurer- Heather Woelich- [email protected] 
                       Secretary- Melanie Downs- [email protected]
                       Public Relations- Mark Mahn- [email protected]
                       Umpire-in-Chief- Bailey McCoy- [email protected]  
                       Uniform Manager- Melissa Cope-  [email protected]
                       Social Media Mgr.-Melissa Cope-  [email protected]
                       Equipment Manager- Mark Guenther- [email protected]
                       Facilities/Safety Manager-Don Hoffee- [email protected]
                       Concession Manager- Currently open--If interested please email Chris Woelich 
                      Fundraising Manager- Melissa Cope- [email protected]
       Coaching Coordinator- Jason Cain- [email protected]  

2020 Player Division Agents

              Tee-Ball- Amanda Zinn- [email protected]                 
Minor Machine Pitch Baseball- Kyle Tolbert- [email protected]

                Minor Baseball- Kyle Tolbert- [email protected]
                Major Baseball- Dave Lueck- [email protected]
                Int\Jr\Sr Baseball- Currently open--If interested please email Chris Woelich
                Minor Machine Pitch Softball- Bridget Michler- [email protected]
                Minor Softball- Bridget Michler- [email protected]
                Major Softball- Bridget Michler- [email protected]
                Jr\Sr Softball- Bridget Michler- [email protected]

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